Mad Fun in Madison | National Jr. Angus Show

Garrett Cloud working hard or hardly working?

Justin Vehige leans back to make sure he didn’t mess up while fitting a back leg.

Bub Raithel clips a tail head.

Rachel Hunter uses Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive to fit a front leg.

Mardee Sadowsky fits a front leg.

Dillon Stertzbach pulls a back leg.

Jessica Radcliffe uses Sullivan’s Prime Time to pull a leg.

Cody Smith uses the Pulse ZR Clippers on a back leg.

Four Corners Farms tries out the New Sullivan’s Eskimo Throw Cooling Towel today at the chute. Thank you for trusting in Sullivan Supply products to get your heifers ready on show day!

Congratulations to to Aaron and Sue Schafer for being honored as the 2018 Advisors of the Year!

Makenna Ludwig uses the Sullivan’s Smart Comb and Rice Root Brush to work her heifer’s leg hair.