Livestock Language

We wanted to shared this from Ranch House Designs! Everyone is the livestock show industry can relate to these! 

Livestock people have a language all their own. Be honest, how many times have your friends laughed at you for talking openly about buying semen. Or better yet, had Siri correct your words because she has no idea how to spell Simmental heifer.

The show cattle, showpig, show goat, and show lamb business is full of quirky terminology that most people simply don’t understand. RHD’s experience in this sector is one of the many reasons people in the ag business enjoy working with us — we get it. You don’t have to explain to us the difference between a Yorkshire and a Duroc hog. We know.

Here are 19 words that have a totally different meaning to livestock people.


Others: A medical prescription 
Us: What happens to you when your calf gets away and you don’t let go.  


Others: Actor, the star of twilight. 
Us: Semen distributor 

The corner
Others: The place your parents used to send you as a form of punishment.
Us: The most dreaded spot in the show ring. 

Others: A color
Us: Not ready to go to a show yet

Others: elections, as in republicans or democrats
Us: When the judge was friends with whoever won the show.

Sleeping in
Others: Whenever you wake up, even if it’s noon.
Us: 7:30 at the latest. You have stock to feed.

Others: A national steakhouse for fine dining. 
Us: The supplier of show equipment. 

Others: A place to store your drinks
Us: A place to keep your cattle in the summer to grow hair

Others: Grassy areas behind your house 
Us: National Western Stock Show

Others: a form of jewelry, usually including diamonds!
Us: The place we compete 

Others: A healthy lifestyle, physically active
Us: The artistry of grooming your animal for a show 

Others: An area in a public restroom
Us: Where you tie your calf 

Others: The town that hosts the Kentucky derby and makes baseball bats.
Us: The town that hosts the North American.  

Others: Slippery
Us: No hair 

Others: A tool used by women to look pretty. 
Us: Where you hold your calf right before you go in the ring 

After School Practice
Others: Baseball, football, drama, choir, etc. 
Us: Rinsing and working our cattle. 

Others: What time a movie starts
Us: An awesome magazine

Others: A scary character from a horror movie
Us: A novice 

County fair:
Others: The once a year event where you ride the midway, eat fried food and go to concerts.
Us: The single most important show in the history of the universe. As in, you can win championships at every major show in the world but if you don’t win here, you’re nothing. Especially to the other showman in your county.