Let’s get Ready for the AJSA National Classic!

As opening ceremonies wind down and the excitement builds for the rest of the week, Sullivan Supply would like to take a moment to tip our hats to Mia Bayer, Simmental Youth and Foundation Manager!

Mia works countless hours putting together one of the best cattle events in North America and it certainly shows. While walking around the barn you can feel the joy and excitement that the exhibitors have for being in attendance.

Juniors are eager for all the activities planned. There is so much packed into this fun filled week that juniors are always hurrying to the next event ready to see what they can achieve.

Callie Spengler added, “My mom is the most humble hard working woman I know. She is always kind and puts others before her no matter the circumstances! She is 1 in a million!” All of us here at Sullivan Supply couldn’t agree more with Callie and we can’t wait to spend our week at the AJSA Classic and with Mia Bayer!

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