Kentucky Beef Expo | Official Backdrops: Top 5 Steers (Judge: Terry Burks)

Supreme Champion Steer
Champion Maine-Anjou Steer
Raised by: Brad Sinclair
Sold by: Dillon Brock
Congratulations to Nate Brown

Reserve Supreme Steer
Reserve Maine-Anjou Steer
Sire: Here I Am
Bred by: Riley Richardson
Sold by: GOET
Congratulations to Victoria Waits

Third Overall Steer
Champion Chianina Steer
Sire: Fu Man Chu
Sold by: Goretska
Congratulations Nick Boerson

Fourth Overall Steer
Champion Crossbred Steer
Sire: Made to Order
Sold by: Goretska, Guyer
Congratulations to Alissa Boersen

Fifth Overall Steer
Champion Simmental Steer
Sire: Man of the Year
Bred by: Paulsen
Sold by: Paulsen Boddicker Widerman
Congratulations to Chase Harker