Kansas Beef Expo | Top 5 Heifers – Ring A

Supreme Champion Heifer
Champion Chianina
Sire: Silveiras Style 9303
Dam: Who Da Man x Heat Seeker (6651)
Bred by: Udell
Sold by: Lucky Strike, Tony Jeffs, CEG
Congratulations to Lillie Skiles!

Reserve Supreme Champion Heifer
Champion Angus
Sire: Blue Chip
Dam: 645
Raised by: Michael Harrell, Doug Groth
Sold by: Hoffman, Jeff Paulsen
Congratulations to Maddy Udell!

Third Overall Heifer
Champion Commercial
Sire: Mr HOC Broker
Dam: Victoria
Raised & Sold by: Tim Schaeffer
Congratulations to Lillie Skiles!

Fourth Overall Heifer
Champion Lim-Flex
Sire: Blueprint
Dam: Rebecca
Bred & Sold by: Pinegar
Congratulations to Ryleigh Morris!

Fifth Overall Heifer
Champion Hereford
Sire: Laramie
Dam: KJ Timewise 236X
Bred by: Jensen Brothers
Congratulations to Brooke Jensen!