Kansas Beef Expo | Team Fitting Contest Candids

Jase Beltz uses a Sullivan’s Teflon Comb and Tail Adhesive to fit the back leg on his team’s heifer.

The team of Jayelynn Powell, Summer McGrew and Erica Morrison was a crowd favorite with their pink and purple chute!

Contestants competed for an assortment of awards donated by Sullivan Supply!

Parker Schwarz uses Sullivan’s Dark Crimson paint on his heifer.

Anaya McCune clips the top on her team’s Hereford heifer.

Wyatt Fetcher and Hannah Whetstone work together on the tail of their team’s calf.

John Emerson fits the tailhead on his team’s heifer.

Jody Mead uses Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive to fit a back leg.

Fitting Contest Judges Justin Johnson and Raymond Gonnet take one last walkthrough to look over the teams.