Kansas Beef Expo | Sullivan Supply Team Fitting

Tar Tut contributes to his team’s win.

Jody Mead, Gabe Heuer and Lauren Fredrick work together to bring in a Reserve Champion Victory.

Judge, Justin Johnson evaluating the contest.

Wade Minihan concentrates on a hind leg.

TJ Mills pulls up a back leg with his Sullivan’s product at side.

Jody Mead focuses on dials in a tailhead.

Johanna Styder and Aurora Pitzer work together on their teams’ heifer.

Taylor Dieball paints a front leg with Sullivan’s Black Finisher.

Macey Lewis works on balling a tail.

Gus Ricke uses Sullivan’s Powder’Ful on a topline.

Lauren Fredrick pulls a topline to help her teammates.

Gracie Karst sprays Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive on a back leg.

Wyatt Lange works on a front leg.

Tray Zabokrtsky paints a topline.