Junior National Miniature Hereford Expo | Heifer Show Candids

IMG_0635 copy
Stock Show U Professor Justin Johnson pulling a leg prior to the heifer show.

IMG_0661 copy
Ryder Heter keeps an eye on the judge during the heifer show.

IMG_0671 copy
Ty Van Vliet’s reaction as the judge walks toward him to select his heifer for Division 2 Champion Female.

IMG_0637 copy
Cade Van Vliet using a Sullivan Supply Tail Bag and Andis 5 Speed Clippers today before the heifer show.

IMG_0695 copy
Trey Goretska peeking to see who will be selected reserve division after his heifer was selected Champion Division 4 Female.

IMG_0701 copy
Judge Eric Gerdes talking the champion line-up.

IMG_0702 copy
An overhead view of the Grand Champion Owned Female drive!

IMG_0713 copy
Kyndall Burns’ heifer being selected Grand Champion Owned Female in today’s heifer show with Double K Firecracker C104.