A Warm Wednesday at the Junior National Charolais Show

Brooke Polzin looks all cute leading her calf to the washrack this morning.

Rachel Booth and Mason Runft intensely compete in the senior division of showmanship.

A couple of barn birthdays featuring a K-State colored cake! Sullivan Supply sends birthday wishes to Kansas juniors McKenna Richardson and Ethan Dickerson!

Seniors better look out. There was some heat today in the intermediate division during showmanship.

Korbin Leddy, Champion Intermediate Showman, gives his steer a pat after a job well done.

Showmanship judge, Martey Stewart, gives Camille Greer some encouraging advice during junior showmanship this afternoon.

Former junior board member Kate Shaffer stays active in the Charolais breed, and lends a helping hand clipping a calf in the stalls.

Eye contact is key. Connor Kisner is all business during the junior showmanship competition.

Ciara Galvin loves Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive so much that she spent some time today drawing the can!