Junior National Charolais Show | Turn up the Heat

Grandma’s hugs are the best hugs, especially when it is after claiming the Champion Bred and Owned Heifer title.

Judge David Johnson select’s Taylor Dorsey’s heifer as Grand Champion Percentage Heifer.

Richy Demoss, Reserve Champion Steer, leads the profile line during the Champion Steer Grand Drive

Jayce Dickerson watches and learns as Megan Hoffman fits a heifer.

Juniors are really enjoying Sullivan’s Chute Hammock to relax before they go in the ring on show days.

Cory Miller dials in on a top before the heifer goes in the ring.

A tradition started a few years ago, fellas from the states of Texas, Missouri, Kansas, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Iowa, gather for their annual Hawaiian t-shirt day!

Hirchell LeClair extra time on the back leg of the Champion Bred and Owned Heifer.

Jimmy Dismukes comes out of retirement at his daughter’s first Junior National.

Katie Birge is focused on the judge during the Percentage Heifer show.

Aaron Suhr is all smiles seconds after his steer was selected as Grand Champion Overall.

Makayla Houck gives her heifer another sip before going into Grand Champion drive of the Percentage Heifer Show.

Red Moore knows the right products to use on show day and even has to refill his bottle. Come get your Sullivan’s Shock today!

Even adults can’t handle show days sometimes. Brandon Bertsche has no shame in taking a little siesta.

Jared Boyert uses Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive to put the finishing touches on Kendra Elder’s Reserve Grand Champion Percentage Heifer.

A huge thank you goes out to the Udell crew in trusting Sullivan’s line of products.

Judge David Johnson takes one last look before picking Will Blankers’ heifer as Champion Bred and Owned Heifer.