Junior National Charolais Show | Friday’s are for Champions

Champion Overall Heifer exhibitor, Nash Hensley, jumps right in to help fit his own heifer before going into the ring.

Thank you to the Lucky Strike crew for trusting Sullivan Supply over the years. Congratulations on your fourth overall Charolais heifer.

Kale Hensley expresses how proud he is of his little brother, Nash, after claiming the Grand Champion Owned heifer title.

Paislee Carlson has the crew dialing in her class winning heifer.

Jack Oattes leads in the heifer he raised that later was slapped for champion owned female.

Matt Loggains and Evan Summers work diligently to fine tune Rachel Booths heifer before going into the ring.

Judge Jason Hoffman takes another look at Paige Netzke’s heifer before choosing her for Reserve Overall heifer.

Judge Jason Hoffman studies the heifers thoroughly before making his decision during the owned heifer show.

Jerrod Arthur leads his sons heifer to the ring before Champion Drive.

The Johnson family clearly knows what it takes to partake in a cattle show.

Kendall Bremer clips a top and makes sure there is no hair out of place.

Nash Hensley stands out during the Division 4 selection.

Paige Netzke leads the pack into the make up ready area before going in for the Grand Champion Drive.

Kyndal Reitzenstein, Hirschell LeClair and Ross Anderson finish the last details on Austin Reitzanstein’s heifer before going into the ring.

Leave it to Matt Loggains to save the day and cut off Sydney Johnson’s ripped jeans to prevent wardrobe malfunctions.

Kelton Arthur is all smiles after Judge Jason Hoffman shakes his hand for fourth overall heifer.