JCC Elite Texas Raised True Fall Borns Sale | Tonight!

It’s Sale Day! Head over to SC Online Sales to check out our features in our JCC Elite Texas Raised True Fall Borns Sale! We’ve got steers and heifers sure to fit in at any operation and show barn!
Follow the link to few the lots –> https://bit.ly/3faYOq4


Lot 1
Sire: Black Power Play
Dam: Friction
Fall 2020
Maintainer / high % Chi Heifer


Lot 2
Sire: Lotta Leather
Dam: Bojo x Brangus
Fall 2020
ABC / Simbrah Steer


Lot 3
Sire: Roundtable
Dam: Champion Hill Georgina
Fall 2020
Angus Heifer


Lot 4
Sire: Culture shock
Dam: LJR Miss Fortune 919 ET
Charolais Heifer