It’s Heatin’ up on the Island | National Junior Limousin Show

Colt Parkinson was attentive today on the feet placement of his heifer during showmanship.

Jeff Paulsen gives his son, Kinnick, a big hug after winning novice showmanship.

The competition was intense during the finals of the senior showmanship.

Cassie and Ramsey Johnson making their final decision.

Colt Cunningham uses Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive to perfect a tailhead during the fitting contest.

Shelby Skinner and Deb Vorthmann pay attention to detail during the fitting contest.

Finals of junior showmanship were pretty deep!

Cassie Johnson talks to Carter Hubbard during showmanship.

Layton Schur gets a leg done during the fitting portion of the final senior showmanship round.

Team Missouri sure knows what products to use during the fitting contest!

Rhyleigh Morris, Champion Junior Showman, kept her cool during the final round.

Madison Ratliff competes in the fitting portion of the senior showmanship finals.

Will Blaydes tails his heifer in the finals of senior showmanship.

Congratulations to Julia Weaber on placing fourth in the intermediate division of showmanship! This is the sixth year that she has made the top ten in her respective showmanship division at the National Junior Limousin Show.

Sometimes a stall hair cut before showmanship is required.

Congratulations to Shelby Hubbard on winning intermediate showmanship!

Don’t forget to get your own Blue Monkey T-Shirt to rep Tail Adhesive.

Tanner Walrod fits his way to a champion showman title.

Alexa Montagne competes in the Team Fitting Contest.

Micah Ott clips a top.

A vintage Tail Adhesive can was spotted during the Team Fitting Contest this afternoon.

Apparently, keeping time for the Team Fitting Contest means you get to relax.