It’s Beef Expo Season!

February has arrived, and that means it is Beef Expo time! If you are planning on traveling from expo to expo every weekend we’ve come up with some easy tips to not only survive, but thrive these cold fun weekends!

Stay on Feed
Keep your cattle on their usual feeding routine, in order to ensure they stay on feed at the show. Try feeding them in feed pans a week before the show if this is their first outing.

Stress Relief
Shows can be stressful for cattle, especially if it is their first time off the farm. Pack extra feed and varieties of hay if that is an option just in case cattle do go off feed. Also, be sure to pack the showbox with a medicine kit with the necessities like sulfur boluses, electrolytes and respiratory medicine.

Comfort is Key
If your heifer or steer has not had a show halter on them yet this year it is always a good idea to practice with one at home before just walking into the show ring. Also, practice with the show stick if you have not already to ensure that are comfortable with it. If you really want make your calf comfortable and relaxed, work on the calf in the chute that you plan on using.

It is important for you and your livestock to stay warm so be sure to pack a ready heater for these cold winter months and don’t forget the hand and foot warmers for yourself! Bucket heaters are also must this time of year. As the temperature keeps dropping, it is always a good idea to have warm water as an option watering calves and keeping your glue and product cans warm.

Expos can be a lot of work, especially in the cold. It really isn’t fun to put in all the effort getting ready for the show, then have your cattle not broke when it is time to go in the showring. Practice, practice, practice on your showmanship before you get to the show, you cannot practice it enough. It will make you and your calf more comfortable once you hit the ring.

Have Fun
It does not have to be about winning it all the first couple shows out, its about getting the cattle used to the showing and working on that showring bond. Taking new calves out this time of year just to get them used to a show is always a good idea so there are no issues when it really count.