Iowa Stock Show University Grad Program | Creating That “One Shining Moment” in Bedford

Professor Branden Cline working with Landyn Fisk during the clipping hand-on portion of the day.


Would it be a Stock Show U Grad Program without Comb Stories? Professor Sidney Herr and Stock Show U Manager, Tess Mittag listening to a wonderful comb story from Realee Weller.


Lyla Brooks using the skills she learned right to use!


Professor Tucker Mittag helping out Noah Comer with a topline.


Jackson Fisher working on a back leg.


Professor Walker McDermott about to tell the crowd about the “legendary” Revive.


Professors Joe Herr and Branden Cline going right to work on the clipping demonstration.


Questions are always Stock Show University’s number one priority!


Professor Lainey DeVries demonstrating during the showmanship portion with an Incognito halter.


Stock Show U Manager, Tess Mittag diving in helping participants in the barn.


What a product line-up today!


Professor Joe Herr demonstrating to the crowd how to properly shape a tailhead.


Professor Chuck McCullough explaining the proper shape of a back leg when fitting.


Ryder Hogan using Hocus Pocus after a long day at the Grad Program!


Thank you to all the families that attended the Iowa Stock Show University Grad Program today!

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