Iowa State Fair – Open ShorthornPlus

Grand Champion ShorthornPlus
SULL Might Tamale 4104
Sire: SULL Right Direction
Dam: SULL Tamale
Bred by Sara Sullivan
Congratulations to Sara Sullivan

Reserve Grand Champion ShorthornPlus
SULL Red Knight Magic
Sire: SULL Red Knight
Dam: JSUL Magic Sophia
Bred by: Sullivan Farms
Congratulations to Sara Sullivan

Photos Courtesy of Linde’s Livestock Photos. Click here to order! 

No Photo Available
Third Overall
Sire: General Lee
Raised By Eric Baalman
Sold By Matt Lautner Cattle
Congratulations to Abi Henderson

Fourth Overall
WJMW Sapphire Mirage ET
Sire: BPF Mercedes Benz 131U
Dam: SULL Mirage Fantasy
Congratulations to Avery Bennett.

Fifth Overall
P Bergs Pams Plus 3127
Sire: LFCC Unstoppable 727X
Dam: Bergs Pamela 3127
Bred by: Berg Shorthorns
Congratulations to Berg Shorthorns.