Iowa Beef Expo | Official Backdrops – Top 5 Heifers

Supreme Champion Heifer
Champion Limousin Heifer
Sire: FWLY Can Do
Dam: Riverstone Charmed (Larissa)
Bred & Sold by: Ratliff’s Cherry Creek Farm, Chase Ratliff
Congratulations to Sara Sullivan


Reserve Supreme Heifer
Champion Angus Heifer
Sire: Silverias Style
Bred by: Hauge Show Cattle
Sold by: Kyle & Zach Greiman
Congratulations to Grace Greiman


Third Overall Heifer
Champion Foundation Simmental Heifer
JSUL Crystal Lover 9848G
Sire: THSF Lover Boy B33
Dam: SULL Styling Crystals 7022E ET
Bred by: Sara Sullivan
Congratulations to Sara Sullivan


Fourth Overall Heifer
Champion Charolais Heifer
Sire: Outsider
Dam: Denver
Bred by: Circle B
Sold by: Rosebud, 3R and Lapke
Congratulations to Cal Pryor


Fifth Overall Heifer
Champion Simmental Heifer
Sire: Mr HOC Broker
Bred & Sold by: JS Simmental
Congratulations to Coy Steenhoek