Iowa Beef Expo | Market Animal Champions

Champion Market Animal
Champion Crossbred Steer
Champion Division IV Crossbred Steers
Sire: HIA
Dam: 2/75
Bred by: McLaughlin Cattle Co./Paulsen Cattle
Sold by: Nolan Ferguson, Wade Rodgers/Paulsen
Congratulations to: Avery Shalla


Reserve Market Animal
Reserve Champion Crossbred Steer
Champion Division II Crossbred Steer
Sire: HEre I Am
Dma; Mercedes
Bred by: Henney
Sold by: Wade Rodgers and Joe Herr
Congratulations to: Drew Jacobson

Third Overall Market Animal
Champion Simmental Steer
Sire: W/C Bankroll
Dam: MAB
Bred by: Chad Thompson
Sold by: Herr
Congratulations to Brant Will

Fourth Overall Market Animal
Champion Market Heifer
Champion Division III
Sire: Gronc
Dam: Annie Lou
Bred by: Boyert Core
Sold by: Boyert Core
Congratulations to: Scout Lock

Fifth Overall Market Heifer
Champion Maine Anjou Steer
Sire: Here I Am
Dam: I-80
Bred by: Lind
Sold by: Rodgers
Congratulations to: Lane Elmquist