Interview with Tyler Cates

We are very happy to feature Tyler Cates, great Shorthorn breeder and supporter in our junior national interview series! Read below to check out what Tyler has to say!


Cates Farms is a long-standing, well-respected Shorthorn breeder, could you tell our viewers how it all started? What breeding practices have you used over the years to propel yourselves to the front of the Breed?
– It started as a 4-H Project for my dad and uncle, just showing at county and state fairs. Then when my uncle got home from college he and my dad decided they wanted to have a purebred Shorthorn herd. From there they hand-selected small groups of Shorthorn cows from the top breeders be our elite donors and sires.

What do junior nationals mean to you and your family?
– As a kid it meant summer vacation, the only vacation we ever took. And now it’s a time to see all our customers and friends, and people you share a common interest and bond with that you typically don’t have any other time to see or talk to.

You are a huge supporter of the American Junior Shorthorn Association and Junior Nationals as a whole, why is that important for you to support this organization?
– It’s important not only because the junior program and buyers are almost my entire customer base, but they are also the future of our breed and hopefully future leaders in the cattle industry that will help promote Shorthorns.

What is your favorite part of junior nationals?
– I enjoy the people and the comradery, but I am a very competitive person and I like the competition of junior nationals and how it drives individuals to gain responsibility and work ethic.

Where do you see yourself going in this breed in the next 10 years?
– I hope to still be participating in a breed that continues to support youth and understand that although the breed does offer many other thing that a big part of it will always be the youth and it is important we focus on them.