Important NAILE Information


Tie-Outs provided by NAILE in Lot K will be on a first come, first serve basis. Pens are not allowed to be built in the provide Tie-Out area. The remainder of Lot K will be sold on a Tier System when entries are made for use to build trailer tie-out pens. Spots will be 32’ x 60’. Limited spots are available. Please email [email protected] for additional information. If you wish to use the provided tie-out spaces, trailer parking will be available in Lots G & H.
The 49th North American International Livestock Exposition Beef Cattle – Page 9
Tier 1: Upper K Lot- $200 per spot
Tier 2: Middle K Lot- $100 per spot
Tier 3: Lower K Lot- $50 per spot
Large Tent spaces will be available to purchase. Spaces are $500 each with a maximum of 2 spots available for
purchase. Exhibitors must provide their own tent and must have a Kentucky Temporary Structure Permit by the
HBC submitted by November 3rd, 2022. Any tent greater than 400 Square Feet needs to be in the Large Tent spaces.
Please email [email protected] for additional information!