I didn’t make him a champion, he made me one.

We have all been in a situation where it is time to say goodbye to the show animal that has became a part of the family. Bailey Rist put it into perfect words with her Facebook post today!

“I loaded him for the last time today. As I sit here on the barn floor all that’s running through my mind are the times it was just he and I…breaking him down at the numerous open shows this spring, out at the wash rack in the morning as the sun was coming up, and how he would get so excited when I put new cedar fiber in the pens. That’s a best friend on that trailer, he couldn’t speak but we sure communicated. When I needed to just cool off or cry I went to him. He held no judgment and wanted to help when he knew something wasn’t right even if all he had to offer was his head to lay on my lap. Mathers was a special kind, I didn’t make him a champion, he made me one.”