Hoosier Beef Congress | Official Backdrop Photos – Saturday Shows

Champion Chianina Heifer
JSUL Who’s Lucky 6996D
Sire: Who Da Man
Dam: JSUL Total Girl 41
Bred by: Sullivan Farms
Sold by: Schaeffer/Tice
Congratulations to Mattie Drew Doerstler!

Reserve Champion Chianina Heifer
JSUL Who Dat Sultry
Sire: Who Da Man
Dam: JSUL Sultry 6640
Bred by: Sullivan Farms
Sold by: Schaeffer/Tice
Congratulations to Clayton Main!

Champion Commercial Heifer
Champion Division III
Sire: Style
Bred & Sold by: BCII Show Cattle
Congratulations to Ellie Sennett!

Reserve Champion Commercial Heifer
Champion Division II
Sire: Driving 80
Dam: Steel Force x Kelli son
Raised by: Felton Family
Sold by: Kober, Jacobs
Congratulations to Brooke Hayden!

Champion Maine-Anjou Heifer
Sire: Drivin 80
Sold by: Tim Schaeffer
Congratulations to Addie Walther!

Reserve Champion Maine-Anjou Heifer
Sire: I-80
Dam: Winnie
Sold by: Streitmatter, Guyer
Congratulations to Houston Ferree!

Champion Mainetainer Heifer
Sire: Bismarck
Dam: Winnie
Sold by: Goettemoeller
Congratulations to Maci Chamberlin!

Reserve Champion Mainetainer Heifer
Sire: Style
Dam: Bojo
Bred by: Lain
Sold by: Streitmatter
Congratulations to Bailey Tomson!

Champion Angus Steer
Sire: Sankeys Lazer
Bred & Sold by: Miller Family Angus
Congratulations to Austin Clock!

Reserve Champion Angus Steer
Sire: SJS Jazz 1209
Dam: SJS Skymere 206
Bred by: SJS Angus Cattle Company
Sold by: Streitmatter, Tyler Campbell
Congratulations to David Streitmatter!

Champion Charolais Steer
Sire: Monopoly
Dam: Charolais
Bred by: Simmermon
Sold by: Simmermon, Capatske
Congratulations to Jackson Tatman!

Reserve Champion Charolais Steer
Sire: Fu Man Chu
Dam: Charolais
Sold by: Wade Rodgers, Brian Deatsman
Congratulations to Chandler Gillam!

Champion Gelbvieh Steer
Sire: Expedition
Dam: 3G Cowgirl Dixie
Bred by: Kelsie Waitt
Congratulations to Kelsie Waitt!

Champion Hereford Steer
Sire: Sensation x Wyarno
Dam: Purple Hard Candy
Bred by: Steve Moeller
Sold by: Vickland Show Cattle
Congratulations to Chase Harker!

Reserve Champion Hereford Steer
Sire: Reload
Dam: Bailey
Bred by: Dan Sullivan
Sold by: Craig Bender, Chase Taylor, Matt Taylor
Congratulations to Alyvea Bender!

Champion Limousin Steer
Sire: Rom’n Expect More
Bred by: Rom’n Limousin
Congratulations to Kelsie Waitt!

Reserve Champion Limousin Steer
Sire: Wulfs Zookeeper
Dam: Conleys 301C
Bred by: Mikaela Conley
Congratulations to Mikaela Conley!

Champion ShorthornPlus Steer
Sire: I Believe
Dam: Mirage
Sold by: Cates, Garrett Kerr, Bradley Hoffman
Congratulations to Colin Elgin!

Reserve Champion ShorthornPlus Steer
Sire: I Believe
Dam: Shorthorn
Sold by: Goettemoeller
Congratulations to Cooper House!

Champion Shorthorn Steer
Sire: Starburst
Sold by: Brandon Jones, Todd Caldwell
Congratulations to Ryan Foster!

Reserve Champion Shorthorn Steer
Sire: Bearcat
Dam: Shorthorn
Bred by: Tom Farrer
Sold by: Seth Miller
Congratulations to Weston Ott!

Champion Simmental Steer
Sire: Here I Am
Bred by: Blackford
Sold by: Brandon Jones
Congratulations to Remingtin Brumbaugh!

Reserve Champion Simmental Steer
Sire: Here I Am
Dam: McCarney x Meyer
Bred by: Joe Sullivan
Sold by: Hanewich
Congratulations to Blake Danner!

Champion Belted Galloway Steer
Sire: Sonnybrook Alexander
Dam: Purebred Maine
Bred by: Kyle Gayle Marshall
Congratulations to Lily Ford!

Reserve Champion Belted Galloway Steer
Sire: Southdown Unique 9U
Dam: Countryside Acres Leah
Bred by: Jay & Liz Dausman
Congratulations to Sawyer Bales!

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