Hoosier Beef Congress (IN) | Top 5 Heifers

Surpreme Champion Heifer
Champion Angus Heifer
Sire: Conley Express
Dam: Sandy
Bred & Sold by: Conley
Congratulations to Mercedes Ferree

Reserve Supreme Heifer
Champion Limousin Heifer
JSZC TSSC Larissa 49G ET
Sire: Silveiras Style 9303
Dam: Riverstone Charmed
Raised by: Scheetz
Bred By: Ratliff
Sold by: Schaeffer
Congratulations to Bailey Tomson

Third Overall Heifer
Champion Mainetainer Heifer
Sire: Epic
Dam: Emily 330A
Bred by: Deb
Sold by: Boyert-Core, AJ Rogers, Schaeffer
Congratulations to Bailey Tomson

Fourth Overall Heifer
Champion Percentage Simmental Heifer
Sire: Relentless
Dam: Lutton
Bred & Sold by: BCII and Schelske
Congratulations to Emily Sennett

Fifth Overall Heifer
Champion Commercial Heifer
Champion Division II
Sire: Jacked Up
Dam: HoltKamp Miss Penny 15B
Bred by: Sullivan Farms
Sold by: Guyer and Sullivan Farms
Congratulations to Mercedes Ferree