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Lot 1 – Horned Heifer
BD: 3/6/20
Sire: CRR 5280
Dam: WPF Notice Me 88X 1039 ET
Breeder: Pugh Central Station


Lot 2 – Polled Heifer
BD: 2/18/20
Sire: BOYD 31Z Blueprint 6153
Dam: MS DaKitch 101Y Polly 85C
Breeder: DaKitch Farms


Lot 7 – Polled Heifer
BD: 5/21/20
Sire: CRR 668Z Commitment 654
Dam: ASC Iggy Azalea 405B ET
Breeder: Adcock Cattle


Lot 9 – 4 IVF Embryos
Sired by: Loewen Genesis G16 ET
Donor Dam: CKP 138X Dance 2042
Breeder: Black Tiger Ranch


BBH 743 Adora 339A
4 IVF Heifer Embryos
Lot 18 – Sired by: CH High Roller 756 ET
Lot 19 – Sired by: KJ BJ 58Z Contender D56 ET
Lot 20 – Sired by: H/TSR/CHEZ/Full Throttle ET
Breeder: GLM Herefords

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