Chairman – Keysto Stotz
Vice chairman – Courtney Tribble
Communications chair – Kristin Bielema
Membership chair – Brady Jensen
Leadership chair – Shelby Rogers
Fundraising chair- Elise Hackett
Jason May,
Krissi McCurdy
Amanda Bacon
Cody Jensen
Taryn Adcock
Tommie Lynne Mead

Junior Director – Amy Cowan, Bailey Clanton

Keep up with Keysto Stotz, Chairman


Hometown: Skiatook, OK

Who are your greatest mentors? His dad and Todd Herman

What are you excited about with Junior Nationals? Seeing all my friends and meeting new exhibitors and their families

What is the board most excited about? We are most excited about helping out the exhibitors with the contests and meeting the new comers.

What is the biggest life lesson you can take away from showing livestock? Work Ethic

What advice do you give to the youth in the Hereford breed? Take advantage of everything you can and get involved. You never know where it will take you.

What is the most rewarding experience while on the Jr. Board? For me the most rewarding experience is seeing everything come together and people enjoying jr nationals. Nothing beats seeing a young showman’s face after giving them a ribbon!

You are retiring from the Jr. Board this year, what are your plans to continue to be involved with the Hereford association? I have one more junior national I can exhibit at and I will continue to be active in and out of the show ring as well as continuing to be a breeder for the Hereford breed!