Heating Up the Competition | Tulsa State Fair

Congratulations to Baylor Bonham on being selected Champion Prospect Steer!

Terry Lockhart puts the smoke on the topline of the Fourth Overall Prospect Steer

Kagney Collins pulls up a front leg this afternoon

Hayden Fairow gets in on some super fitter action today.

Kaid Reininger concentrates on a front leg.

Bo St. Clair dials in this hind leg.

Zoey Catrell blows out a steer this morning.

Lucky Strike trusts in Sullivan Supply products for their show day products.

Jerrod Arthur goes above and beyond to make sure his exhibitor’s cattle look the part.

The Market Goat Show began today, look for results of the Supreme Drive tomorrow evening!

Tommy Glover sits ringside with his can of Sullivan’s Black Finisher ready to go.