Heatin’ things up with Tulsa State Fair Heifers

Congratulations to Kiera Stehr on having Supreme Champion heifer at the 2015 Tulsa State Fair. Thank you for trusting the Sullivan Supply line of grooming products on your champion!!

reseveGatlin Goodson’s reserve champion heifer getting fit in the chutes.

Ryan Callahan and crew working on the Supreme Champion bred and owned female at the Tulsa State Fair.

Champion Charolais getting fit for Braxton Flippo.

Goeff and Whitney Andras helping Braelyn Berkowitz with her champion Simmental Influence heifer.

jirl_mattJirl Buck and Matt Scasta working to put the finishing touches on one.

limiThe champion Limousin getting prepped for the championship drive for Colt Cunningham.

herefordAll hands were on deck in the Buck Cattle Company chutes to prepare the champion Hereford heifer for Victoria Chapman.

simiPaints were essential to ensure that the champion Simmental was looking its best for exhibitor Cody Smith.

sullyA full showbox is the best showbox.