Hayes Co. Heavy Hitters | SALE DAY

IT’S SALE DAY for Open Box Diamond Cattle & Services!

If you’re on the hunt for something flashy for the next show season that just so happens to come with structural correctness, muscle, rib shape and a program backed by passion, hard work and dedication to the industry look no further.

Also, can we just take a second to appreciate the insane femininity these females possess without sacrificing an ounce of body shape, muscle or angularity….

Head over to SC Online Sales and give Stephen a call for more information 308-830-970.


Lot 3 March Purebred Shorthorn Heifer (Perfect Timing x Starburst)

Lot 5 February Purebred simmental Heifer (Rebel x Vision)

Lot 12 April Purebred Shorthorn Steer (Sull RGLC Olympian x Axis)

Lot 15 March Shorthorn Plus/ Mainetainer Steer (Black Mamba x Outsider)