Guyer Girls Day Camp | Flat Rock, IL

Ashton Guyer demonstrating to the participants how to correctly drive a hog when in the ring.

Nalaney Guyer carefully watches Rory Thompson as she is practicing her showmanship skills this afternoon.

Dave Guyer uses his Andis Pulse ZR 2 to show how to properly clip a head of a pig.

Piper Unger patiently waiting to ask a question over daily care and possibly receive a Sullivan’s Pump Up Sprayer as a giveaway.

Nolan Hobbs made sure he took notes during the daily care portion of today’s clinic to take back to his own barn.

Dave and Nalaney Guyer explaining to exhibitors and their families about the showring rights and wrongs.

Scott Kinzer, New Product Development, handing out new Sullivan’s Alpha and Driver whips to all participants at the clinic.

Jett Judson trying out his new Sullivan’s Alpha whip during the showmanship portion of today’s clinic.

Thank you to the entire Guyer Family for hosting and sharing your knowledge of the industry to today’s campers! Sullivan Supply was honored to be small part of this educational event!

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