Griswold Cattle Classic Sale

Sale is this Saturday, December 16th, in Stillwater.
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For more information contact:
John Griswold – 405.780.3300
Craig Sand – 405.564.4319
Josh Taylor – 918.605.5139
Kent Jaecke – 405.408.2440
Bart Herndon – 918.348.0986
Wes Horn – 479.841.0626

Sire: Irish Whiskey
Dam: OCC Miss Juneau 430R
Sells Bred To: Daddy’s Money
The lot 101’s are always the ones to draw to, this set of 6 full sisters are all soft bellied, stout legged, big footed, hairy and ultra cool fronted!!!!

Sire: Irish Whiskey
Dam: OCC Miss Eureka 394N
Sells Safe To: WC Loaded Up
This maybe the stoutest, deepest bodied and coolest designed flush set of sisters in the sale. Everyday I like a different one!!!! You want to add power to your herd look no further.

Lot 199 | GCC LADY STEEL 6202D
Sire: SVF Steel Force
Dam’s Sire: GCC Total Recall 0162
Sells Safe To: Custom Made
Everyone loves a “Redhead”, and when they’re as good as this one, there’s no risk. Power, Body, Perfect Structure and Super Long Fronted. Out of a great Total Recall daughter, this one will make your next Donor!

Lot 258 | GCC MEREDITH 271D
Sire: GCC Momentum 142X
Sells Safe To: GCC Gold Standard
This female is as complete in her body shape, soundness and structure as any female in the sale. All of this power in a cool Baldy looking package.

Lot 248 | GCC DIXIE ERICA 119D
Sire: Houston X01
Dam: OCC Dixie Erica 753N
Sells Safe To: GCC Gold Standard
Rarely can you find one this zipper fronted with all the power, mass and body of this awesome Houston daughter. You’ll love this one for her look, style and stoutness!!!! The cool brockle face doesn’t hurt either!!!!