Goats in the Spotlight | South Dakota Summer Spotlight

Jacob Sievers, Logan Zemlicka, Diesel Scotting, and Alex Van Asselt use team work to get a weather dialed in before class.

Morgan Kwasmiewski rinses her doe after check-in this morning.

Lindsey Mehlberg uses what she learned this afternoon from Stock Show University clinic to clip on her doe before going to the ring.

Samantha Ford and Cordell Murtha get a doe blown out before putting her on the stand.

Luke Steffenson knows that pink combs and purple clippers make his clip job better.

Cayden and Brady Scott watch closely to get tips from their dad, Jeff Scott, on clipping.

Dallas Rasmussen gets just the right angle to clip out his front leg.

Alex Van Asselt puts the final touches on his clip job before fitting.

Harper Duxbury uses her Sullivan’s Smart Scrub to work hair before starting to fit.

Brother duo Luke and Levi Black use Sullivan’s Ultra White Touch Up Paint on a goat this afternoon.

Magda Martinez is all smiles after showing in her class today.