No Kidding Around Here | National Boer Goat Show

Congratulations to Kole McNeer on your Grand Champion Percentage Doe today!

Kylie Gorka works on pulling a back leg this afternoon.

Have you stopped by the Sullivan Supply trailer yet?

Hey Wess Richey, do you even goat here?

Congratulations to Piper Fisher on an awesome day in the Fullblood Doe Show and on your Grand Champion Fullblood Doe!

Mackenzie McWhirt pulls this Buck’s front leg.

Kole McNeer gets his Grand Champion Fullblood Doe shown in the Junior Division Drive.

Mother-Daughter Duo, Maureen and Addison Reis work together to get this doe fit up.

We’re told Bryce Shipley is the best there is.

Bailey Bergherm works on this Does’ front end.

Looks like 2M Boer Goats trusts in Sullivan Supply to get their crew ready!

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