Go Tell It On the Mountain | Junior National Hereford Expo

Bradley Johnson creating the perfect match with Sullivan’s Fawn and Copper Touch Up Paints.

Casen Bryner is keeping up with the Pulse, are you?

The Buck crew is every man on deck to get Lauren May’s reserve division heifer ready. Thank you for trusting the Sullivan Supply line.

Cierra Collins holds the crucial role of the tail holder.

Painting sometimes requires a chute bar to rest on.

Keyster Ottmer makes sure to get every spot while blowing out his heifer.

Bryden Barber working on one of the many head for Barber Ranch.

Drew Schmidt, offside belly master.

Feeding is tiring work.

Yo, yo – do you even yo-yo? Taylor Marrs, Kylin Oakes, Kamryn Oakes and Stephen Sparks do.