Georgia Peaches | Georgia Junior National

Congratulations to Bella Chandler on exhibiting the Supreme Champion Market Steer!


John-Haven Stalvey sticks his Champion Market Heifer.


Eli Jerrels clips on a topline.


Congratulations to Gabrielle Ralston on your Grand Champion Breeding Ewe tonight!


Todd Claxton gets a steer dialed in.


Kelton Arthur smokes in a front leg this afternoon.


The Supreme Champion Market Steer gets final touches before the grand drive.


John Kinnas uses some Sullivan’s Jet Black on a front leg.


Sissy Hays uses her Sullivan’s The Beast Blower to get her steer dry.


Ava Carvey puts some Sullivan’s Revive on her Ewe.


Lola Talton clips on her lamb.


Congratulations to Makinley Duke on your Grand Champion Market Gilt!


Lindsey Vasquez dials in a hind leg with some Andis Pulse ZR IIs.


Bryan Crow gets this topline dialed in.


Haley Thrown uses some Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive to pull up a tailhead.