Georgia Junior National | Top 5 Heifers

Champion Heifer
Champion Simmental High % Heifer
Sire: Copasetic
Dam: Ditto
Bred by: Morgan Mcdaniel
Congratulations to Morgan Mcdaniel

Reserve Champion Heifer
Champion Angus Heifer
Sire: Classen
Bred by: BC II
Sold by: Dobbs, Whitworth, Nofziger
Congratulations to Savannah Page

Third Overall Heifer
Champion Commercial Heifer
Champion Division IV
Sire: Monopoly
Bred by: Blake Bennett
Sold by: Brain Crow, Trent Templeton
Congratulations to Cooper Edge

Fourth Overall Heifer
Champion Maine-Anjou Heifer
Sire: Good as it Gets
Dam: Messenger
Bred by: Colby Collins
Sold by: Brelan Brookshire
Congratulations to Maddie Dean

Fifth Overall Heifer
Champion Limousin Heifer
Sire: Primo
Dam: Barbara
Bred by: Shelby Skinner
Sold by: JT Sumner, Paulson
Congratulations to Peyton Gwines