FWSS – Sunny & 75

Augustus Sexton wrapped up in what he calls a “Stock Show Burrito.”

Sayler Beerwinkle hanging out with her little smiling sisters (Sloan and Saige Beerwinkle) at the Fort Worth Stock Show.

Blayze Bierschwale is focused and determined while working the back leg of an Angus steer.

Bode Garland of Rotan FFA working the hair on his Angus steer with his Sullivan’s Smart Comb.

Dusty Mayhan keeps his eyes on the prize while trimming his Angus steer.

Passing time, E-Ranch Style!

Emma Beard of Lexington FFA drying her exotic steer’s hair while wearing an exotic headband.

Jay Carr of Sudan, TX working that neck hair and keeping his blades strong using Sullivan’s Extend Clipper Lube.

Kincaid Boehning from Millshoe FFA found the perfect place to sit and read on top of his Sullivan’s Treadbright showbox!

A group of ag teachers band together to trim the hair on an Angus steer.