Friday, July 5th | Belt Buckle Bonanza

7-9:00 AM Goat Weight Cards Due
8:00 AM Official TJLA Goat Showmanship
8:00 AM Lindner Feed Hog Show Premium Show (A)
8:30 AM Official TJLA Steer Showmanship
10:00 AM Premium Goat Show (A)
Followed by Prize Goat Show( B)
10:30 AM Premium Steer Show (A)
Followed by StockShowSecrets.Com Steer Prize Show (B)
3-5:00 PM ABC American British and Continental Heifer Paper Check In
4:30 PM Old-timers Official Steer Showmanship Contest
5:00 PM Official TJLA Lamb Showmanship Contest
5-7:00 PM Lamb Weight Cards Due
7:00 PM Junior Exhibitor Dance Sponsored by the Junior Directors