Feelin’ Fine With The Swine | The Exposition

Tanner Ellison accepts reserve Berk gilt.

Dalton Smith talks with exhibitors while they are waiting in their pens.

It’s a really hot day here at The Expo! Be sure to stop by the Sullivan’s Supply Trailer to get a popsicle!

Judge Kevin Wendt evaluated the champion Duroc gilt drive.

Hallee Rhoads waters her hog an a warm afternoon.

Bristol Buckland Gert ready to show her hog.

Auburn Harvey showing her champion Hamp gilt.

Be sure to stop by the Sullivan Supply trailer to pick up Champions Choice products!

Mason Forkner is placing bets with Deekota Williams on who is going to be selected as Team Purebred’s Champion.

All smiles as Levi Cannels is excited about selecting the Top 5 for Team Purebred Junior Gilt Show.