Falling Into AKSARBEN | AKSARBEN Stock Show (Grand Island, NE)

Branden Pithan makes final touches on his feeder calf’s tail head.

The Beast Blower and Smart Comb are the perfect combination for Diego Velazco.

Sydney Baty uses Pulse ZR 2 clippers to smoke out a goat.

Lynsey Schmitt is “Beast Mode” preparing for tomorrow’s show with Sullivan’s The Beast Blower.

Spotted the New Sullivan’s Big Timber Sheep Stand with Kevin Kitchen.

Sullivans Tail Adhesive and Powder’ful are 2 essentials for David Pithan’s crew

Simon Liggett dials in a goat for tomorrow’s shows.

Pig exhibitors, make sure to grab a bottle of High Definition for show day shine.

Sullivan’s Cool Tech Goat Blanket helps these wethers stay cool today.