DTS Cupid Classic (Ohio) | Market Animals – Ring B (Judge: Billy Widerman)

Grand Champion Market Animal
Sire: Here I Am
Dam: Wizard
Bred by: Jeff Bodicker
Sold by: Si Porogowicz, Wade Rodgers, Clint Thompson
Congratulations to Caroline Blay

Reserve Champion Market Animal
Sire: Getcha Sum
Dam: Here I Am
Bred by: GOET
Sold by: GOET
Congratulations to Carson Shafer

Third Market Animal
Sire: Getcha Sum
Dam: Whiskey Chick
Bred By: GOET
Sold By: GOET
Congratulations to Haleigh Stephens

Fourth Market Animal
Sire: Monopoly
Dam: Hairy Bear x Lifeline
Sold by: Brandon Daniels
Congratulations to Tyler Michael

Fifth Market Animal
Sire: Drivin 80
Dam: Carnac
Bred by: Boyert-Core
Sold by: Si Porogowicz, Todd Caldwell, Brandon Jones
Congratulations to Caroline Blay