Down 4 The Cause | Super Star Sunday


Judge Brent Cromwell selecting the Champion Steer Rhylee Rodgers.

Carley Kintzle coming in with the Tail Adhesive magic.

Jimmy Tibbits favorite product on show days is Tail Adhesive.

Kellyn Gerot sporting her new Show Harness for her first show.

If you ask Kinley and Paisley Johnston their favorite products, they pick up Powderful and Tail Adhesive.

Mallory Knapp with her go-to supplies, Powderful and Tail Adhesive.

The Superstick Nolan Stevenson got his calf stuck to perfection.

Peyton and Colton Kies are a good team, but adding some Tail Adhesive makes a great team.

Tucker Jackson staying warm in his BLAQ hoodie.

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