Doing big things in the Buckeye state.

Zach Grauer is playing Super Dad as he clips on a front end.

Noah Skrinjar uses Andis Pulse ZR clippers to make some final touches.

Even Wess Richey still has his brother looking over his shoulder.

Justin Johnson is so excited to be pulling more legs.

Congratulations to all the exhibitors at the Ohio Beef Expo this weekend!

Aaron King takes his time to clip on a top.

John Grauer and Riley Laber tag team a top.

Cole Reiboldt takes his time to dial in on a back leg.

Zach Wagnen uses Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive to pull a top.

Alex Bauer must of made a really big hole with that look on his face and cleaning off his clippers.

Lori Millenbaugh has quite the crew to head to the ring.

Stephanie Sindel and Spencer Goettemoeller soak up the Sunday sunshine.

Troy Jones is dialing in on his daughters Supreme Champion female.

Andy Hiland uses Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive to pull a front leg.

Tyler Winegardner is sure to comb in his Flare before going to the ring.