Day in the Hoosier State

Check-in day at the Hoosier Beef Congress!

Carter Wickard uses the Sullivan’s Smart Scrub to work hair on his shorthorn.

Evan Fout and Clay Duckworth make some final touches before the heifer show tomorrow.

John Helms works to get his heifer dry.

Cora Woods relies on her mom, Misty, to get her hair fixed before showmanship.

Jason Minneart takes a the heifers neck a little tighter.

Manager of Stock Show University, Taylor Harrison, assists in the Novice ring during showmanship.

Intermediate Showmanship Judge, Taylor Graham, takes a minute to give exhibitors some pointers.

Jared Boyert and his mini me, Redmin Brumbaugh, take a minute to pose for a picture before showmanship.