Cowgirls Exhibitor Staging & Parking Map:

– NO STAGING before 7pm on Tuesday 1/19. We will alternate between all cattle barns when move in begins at 6am Wednesday morning.
– ALL trailers MUST be in the staging line by 6pm on Wednesday 1/20! Reminder- ALL cattle must be in place on Wednesday, no other move in times are allowed!
– You will receive stalling & tie out assignments in the staging line. You are welcome to head over to the bedding & feed offices to order bedding once you receive your assignments, but someone MUST stay in line with your trailer and be able to move accordingly. Bedding & Feed offices will be located at the front of Cattle barn 4.
– All staging will enter through gate 51 on Trail Drive
– Staging line will Exit through gate 43 & Enter WRMC grounds through Gate 42
– Once you are done Unloading you will Exit through gate 13 and drop your trailer at the Trailer Parking lot on the South side of the Dickies Arena
– Cowgirls parking is only allowed in the parking lots on WRMC grounds- shown on the map with a purple star ⭐️. This is different than typical FWSSR exhibitor parking! Please do not try to park in the lots across the street, they will not be open.