Cinco de Marylando | Stock Show University – Maryland Grad Program Day 2

We had a great group this weekend!

Professor Jordan “Jason” Fledderjohann helps Bella and Eli Gibson with their goat.

Professor Chris Hawver works with Caroline Settle one on one.

Professor Lacey aka Laurie, Murray gives tips on perfecting the backleg.

Award winners pictured with Professors Chris Hawver, Billy Work, Lacey Murray, Kyle Lemmon, Kyle Fleener, Jordan Fledderjohann and Jake Gossett.
(8-13) Most Improved – Phoebe Stutzman, Most Detemined – Lexi Hay, Best Fitter – Temple Rhodes, Best Clipper – Bella Gibson, Best Showman – Brayden Hearn, Go Getter – Eli Gibson and Future Professor – Brent Higgs.
(14-21) Most Improved – Molly Mcgeoch, Most Determined – Will Jarrell, Best Fitter – Alexander Evans, Best Clipper – Shelby Poore, Best Showman – Ethan Timer, Go Getter – Leslie Moore and Future Professor Megan Mansfield.

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