Choosing the Right Sheep/Goat Blanket | Tips from Stock Show University

Sheep and goat blankets come in many different styles and types for many different reasons. When choosing the right blanket for your animal, it is important for you to understand each of the specific uses for each of the sheep/goat blankets that we offer at Sullivan Supply and when they should be used. Below are the 4 types of blankets that Sullivan Supply offers: 

  • Sullivan’s Tough Tech – Durable High Quality Protection
  • Sullivan’s Cool Tech – Unlimited Breathable Protection
  • Sullivan’s Thermal & Wether Shield – Insulated Protection
  • Sullivan’s Canvas – Extreme Protection & Longevity


*Remember that we blanket sheep and goats to keep them clean after shearing/clipping along with regulating their body temperature in any environment they may be in. 

In the visual attached to this post, you will learn which blanket is designed for each location (Barn, Trailer or Show) and what weather type it should be used in (Cold, Warm, or Hot). 


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