Charolais Junior Nationals | Owned Heifers

Champion Charolais Heifer
Champion Division IV
CC BS Call Me Maybe 8906 ET P
Sire: M&M Outsider 4003 PLD
Dam: CC Carly Rae 2361 PLD
Bred by: Schweicke & Sweeter
Sold by: Weise, Boyert
Congratulations to Jenna Tlach!

Reserve Charolais Heifer
Champion Division V
BOY Bree 807 PLD ET
Sire: M&M Outsider 4003PLD
Dam: TR Ms Bee 4559B
Bred by: Boyert, Hoge
Sold by: Lucky Strike and Grand Hills
Congratulations to Kelton Arthur!

Third Overall Charolais Heifer
Reserve Divison V
WDZ WC Heidi 808
Sire: CCC WC Resource 417 P
Dam: WC Heidi 3218 P ET
Bred by: Zehnder
Congratulations to Sydney Zehnder!

Fourth Overall Charolais Heifer
Reserve Division IV
TR Ms Fern 8725F ET
Sire: M&M Outsider 4003 PLD
Dam: HF Mustangs Sally 904 PLD
Bred by: Thomas
Sold by: Boyert
Congratulations to Carter Hoge!

Fifth Overall Charolais Heifer
Champion Division VI
GHC Impressive 7507
Sire: TR Mr Firewater 5792
Dam: SULL Impressive 0641-2
Bred by: Grand Hills
Sold by: Lucky Strike
Congratulations to Nash Hensley!