Charolais Junior Nationals | Livin’ on Char-Cation Time

Conner Mcquaig is riding in style on the Tail Adhesive Truck Cooler!

Holli Baker uses her Sullivan’s Smart Scrub Brush to work hair on this hot afternoon.

BYOC (Bring Your Own Cow) to the Sullivan’s trailer to visit Sales Representative Kaci Carter to get everything you’ll need this week.

Georgia Hecht, Josie Hecht and Kennedy Laufenberg hangin’ out in Sullivan’s Chute Hammock.

An intense game of cards between Breeze Bunker and Rachel Mosely.

Kensington Reed and Braelynn Reed worked very hard on their art projects for this year’s Junior Nationals.

Sullivan’s Eskimo Cooling Collars are great for keeping your calves cool in this summer heat.

Isom Marston hanging in the best place in the barn, under the fans!

The Tail Adhesive Truck Cooler is Kashlyn Krebs approved! Make sure you’re at the SSU Clinic on Tuesday for a chance to win.

Sullivan’s Natural White and Bright Lights are a wash rack essential here at the Char-Cation.