Charolais Junior Nationals | Fun in the Sun

Carter Hoge and Alex Barnard are keeping everyone in the barn cool with their popsicles!

The Sullivan’s Swag is real for this pup!

Reagan Dunn working hair with Sullivan’s 360 brush.

Taylor and Dustin Harriman talking up a game plan before showmanship.

Hylee Derry breaking in her new Sulllivan’s The Beast blower.

Katie and LJ Wells sharing a sweet moment.

Bryllee Means is all business drying her heifer.

Congratulations to Abbi Pfeifer, on winning a Kleen Sheen gallon from our scratch off giveaway.

A quick game of Uno between Mick Lindstrom, Briggston Bertsche, and Layton Mrnack to calm the nerves after showmanship.

Shirley Anne Field looks up to her big sister, Audrey Field for advice before going into the ring.