Charolais Junior National | Stock Show U Ultimate Fitting Challenge

Great turnout at today’s Ultimate Fitting Challenge at Charolais Junior Nationals!

Team Schotte makes their grand entrance for an ALL OUT BLITZ.

Professor Jerrod Arthur gives tips on  fitting techniques.

Professor AJ Rogers pumps up the crowd for his team.

Team Davlin making their way downtown.

Professor Jerrod Arthur throws out Sullivan Supply helmet head giveaway.

Team Captain Kaitlyn Davin pulls a font leg.

Manager of Stock Show University, Taylor Harrison, welcomes the crowd for an exciting clinic.

Professor Jaid Runft and celebrity super jock, Kelton Arthur subs in to help out team Davlin.

Oh Chute, Professor Tony Jeffs is having fun at a Stock Show U clinic.

Professor Jeff Jackson talks to the crowd during the fitting challenge.

Team Schotte celebrates after their victory at the Ultimate Fitting Challenge!